Review: Watch TV without Waking the Kids with the Sony BR-BTN200 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I just have twins a few months ago and, well, it has kept me pretty busy. I went from child free to having two screaming bundles of joy all at once. Of course, this also means I have almost no sleep at all. Instead, I find myself awake, trying to calm the crying faces while I also attempt to entertain myself. This is a bit of a challenge, as I want the children to go back asleep, but I also need some sort of audio stimulation in order to help me stay awake. That is exactly why I decided to look for the best wireless TV headphones out there.

I figured I could buy a set of headphones in order to listento the television without disturbing the babies. However, I really needed something with Bluetooth capabilities as I often have to stand up and walk around with the children in my arms, and I just can’t continually remove my headphones to do so. Because of that, I Sony BR-BTN200 headphone for tvstarted to look online for the different headphone options. That is when I came across the Sony DR-BTN200 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone and decided to check it out. it cost a bit less than many of the other on-ear headphones, and I trust Sony as an electronics manufacturer, so I decided to go with the equipment.

I have never owned a pair of Bluetooth headphones before, but I’m so glad I decided to invest in this sort of
equipment. It really has made my life easier. Before I purchased the headphones I would place the television on mute while changing the babies, feeding them and trying to calm them back down to sleep. However, I’m Sony BR-BTN200 Title wirless headphonealready usually exhausted when doing this, and if I don’t keep myself awake I’ll completely pass out on the couch with the children screaming next to me. Thankfully, the  Sony DR-BTN200 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone are perfect for what I need. I was able to easily sync up the headphones to my television, which in 
turn allows me to now just power on the headphones and the television, press the “Bluetooth” activation button on the headphones and I instantly have access to the sound from the television. The audio really helps with keeping me awake and allows me to get everything done that I need to.

Sony BR-BTN200

The Sony DR-BTN200 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone are by far, in my opinion, the best wireless headphones under $100. The headphones provide 40 hours of continual playback time, so even if I do fall sleep with the children in my arms, I don’t have to worry about immediately recharging the equipment. Best of all, the Sony headphones have noise suppression and echo cancelation technology. One of the major
problems I had with some of the other brands was how loud these would project the bass. One, the over produced bass just seemed out of place, plus the continual thumping of the bass I thought would wake up the children, as their heads are often on my shoulders when I have the headphones on. In order to avoid that sort of problem I went with the Sony, who also made the television, and I’m very happy with my purchase.
Thanks for Ali’s great review. Lowest price I’ve seen for this Item at an absolutely lower price.

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