TDK WR700 Wireless TV Headphones Review

For those who remember listening to music in the 1970s, the only option to blast music without bothering everyone in the house was to use headphones. So it’s a bit of history repeating itself to see the technology of wireless TV headphones and advances in private hearing technology come full circle again in 2014 back to state-of-the-art headphones. When I got the TDK WR700 Wireless Headphones for my 45th birthday, I reminisced a bit about my vynil record-listening days, so I was curious to see how these headphones with a wireless mode measured up to TDK’s old reputation to deliver quality clear sound output for a user.


TDK WR700 boxThe unique aspect that makes the TDK WR700 Wireless Headphones stand out is how 1) it doesn’t use a wire input, which allows a user more flexibility to move around from the source of the audio, and 2) it doesn’t rely on Bluetooth technology which can degrade sound quality with multiple data compression steps. Instead, combined with a sound data management system from Kleer, the TDK WR700 Wireless Headphone provides the same wireless function and flexibility and a better sound quality than comparable Bluetooth competitive models.


Unfortunately, Kleer is fairly new as a technology, especially in an industry dominated by Bluetooth. So without a transmitter to translate the signal, the headphones are useless otherwise. Fortunately, TDK includes the Kleer transmitter, but this requires batteries to power it, which can be a pain when they run down and need replacement regularly. Four batteries total are needed, one set to run the audio output sender, and one set to run the headphones. The upside is that there is no pairing process to go through; as soon as the devices are on they sync up.TDK WR700 headphone

In terms of fit, the TDK WR700 Wireless Headphones are very comfortable and contoured to a person’s head. They’re not going to be 100 percent perfect for everyone, so some minor adjustments may be necessary. Fortunately, the come with a good allocation of padding and ear pads. That avoids the long-term pinching that occurs from indentation on the ears, which can be annoying and painful. That said, moisture will build up in the ear area from heat and contact over time, especially in warmer or humid regions.

Other Features

TDK does provide a handy carrying case for the headphones so they don’t get damages from storage when not in use or being packed. The transmitter needed for the Kleer technology is small and fairly straightforward to set up. However, if listening to music on an iPod or phone, it can start to look like a gadget cluster fest all stuck together on a table. That aspect of the Kleer transmitter is not likely to change soon or be integrated with audio products; the company just doesn’t have the leverage yet to play with the big boys in mass consumer electronics.

In Summary

Overall the WR700 provides a good quality headphone option, but the Kleer technology will take some adjustment and getting used to. If that’s not an issue, folks will be quite happy with the product, especially with the better sound ouput.

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