Sony MDR1RBT Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Review

Why should you choose Sony Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”no” align=”right” asin=”B00948CFUC” cloaking=”default” height=”120″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” tag=”wirelesstvheadphone-20″ width=”160″]Sony has been a name synonymous with quality and durability for decades, and the Sony Bluetooth Headphones hold up that reputation expertly. The newest model of the Sony over the head head phones, MDR-1RBT Wireless Headphone offers even more uber technology. First and foremost, there is the unmistakable Sony sound that takes you into the recording studio with mesmerizing entertainment. The wireless Bluetooth headphones offer absolute and superior comfort along with total wireless freedom.

Sony MDR1RBT Bluetooth Stereo Headphone2

Bluetooth stereo headphones by Sony are everything perfect headphones should be. Lose the cords with the ultimate in Bluetooth audio streaming and easy, one-touch listening enjoyment. Sony wireless Bluetooth headphones instantly and reliably take you into the recording studio or concert hall for enjoyment as though you were occupying a front seat. They’re perfect headphones and with the Sony name, they should be. Choose from high-res stereo, Bluetooth wireless, and noise canceling for intimate listening pleasure. Sony has the best Bluetooth headphones giving the most in music with high and wide frequency, its incomparable 40mm drivers and especially the features of Beat Response Control. All of Sony’s headsets have super comfortable ear pads for listening ease and pleasure. These headphones have seventeen hours of life in their batteries so that you will never miss a single beat. They are light in weight which permit you to listen to your music while walking, running or working without neck strain of any sort.

Before browsing other over the head wireless headphones, explore every benefit that Sony’s products give to the listener with professional ambiance. The Sony wireless Bluetooth headsets are the best on the market today and you deserve nothing less. Their durability and consistency are second to none in the business. Sony offers both wired and wireless headsets to facilitate the unique needs of each listener. Whichever model you select, you can be assured that Sony’s electronic mastery will provide you with everything you have ever wanted in a headset.

The Sony headsets are not only light weight, comfortable and with perfect sound conduction, they are the perfect companions for smartphones. They give you a configurable, in-line remote by using your app2, and the microphone delivers personalized music and all call functions as well. They are also compatible with Apple devices! Sony has pulled out all stops to regain its top billing in the tech field to ensure their customers have the best in product, listening pleasure, comfort and versatility.

Sony MDR1RBT Bluetooth Stereo Headphone4

The MDR-1RBT Wireless Bluetooth Prestige Headphone is one of three new and versatile models in the Sony arsenal of Prestige Headband range. These units connect to your audio source via a Bluetooth connection, and charge up using a supplied Micro USB cable plugging directly into a PC or Mac. If wireless isn’t your preference you should look at the standard, wired MDR-1R sister product, MDR-1RNC, which also offers noise cancelling as a feature although still wired.

Sony headsets now include field communication or NFC connection, which allows you to pair units with a compatible phone or mobile device supporting NFC features. An Android app called NFC Easy Connect must be installed on your Smartphone but then only a simple tap of the phone on the headphone sensor is all it takes.

Each unit comes with its own black carrying bag. Many “nicety” accessories are offered to innovate the headsets to each owner’s needs. When finished listening to your prized Bluetooth headsets, you can fold them compactly into a space saving convenient size for carrying. The units weigh less than one pound, and some of the headsets actually weigh less than 10 ounces total, while still providing the highest quality of sound to the listener, with no sacrificing of any of the Sony headset outstanding features.

The Sony over the head Bluetooth headsets are compliant for professional use as well as leisure enjoyment. Each unit has a significant warranty and the Sony customer service has upheld the corporate reputation for several decades. In testing the field of Sony Bluetooth wired and wireless headsets, we found no problems, glitches, pauses not any negatives in their performances whatsoever. There was no annoying electronic noise and no fading in and out of the performance. The light weight allowed the testing team to actively work, exercise and otherwise move with ease and no loss of the headset’s comfortable fit.

The Sony Corporation suffered a slight decline in popularity in recent years, but by incorporating uber technology and comfort they have aggressively returned to the top of the hill with these excellent and multi-purpose Bluetooth headsets. Our testing team found them to be the Headsets of Preference for all of the multiple uses. There is no reason why any user of over the ear headset would not select one of Sony’s benchmark models.

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