Sony MDR-IF245RK Cordless Headphones TV Review

Here I’m going to review what I consider to be a very nice pair of cordless headphones for tv. They’re from Sony, and it’s a company that I trust, so I was enthusiastic to see if they were worth the good comments online. Indeed, on a site like Amazon, this model is receiving praise for the sound quality, and naturally that’s a first priority when listening to tv. A good thing is that the Sony MDR-IF245RK were especially made for tv, contrarily to some other models that we attempt to use for this very purpose. Read on to get our verdict!

What is Sony MDR-IF245RK?

The MDR-IF245RK is a wireless pair of headphones from Sony, which sells at a fair price. They’re an “over-the-ear” type of headphones. The product provides a simple headphones for most TVs and connections.

Does Sony MDR-IF245RK work?

From my testing, the Sony MDR-IF245RK works fine. It uses Infrared (IR) technology to transmit its wireless signal. The headband doesn’t need any adjusting as this is done automatically. I found it very nice that the headphones will almost always get a perfect fit as you slide them on and let the elastic wristband get a good hold, and the rechargeable battery can last up to 28 hours. The transmitter has to be set up right and preferably right in front of the headphones. This way you can ensure that the sound signal is constant and of best quality. They function in the same way that a remote controller does, so it’s necessary to make sure that the setup is right for the signal.

What I liked about Sony MDR-IF245RK

What I liked about the Sony MDR-IF245RK is exactly what the people online have been saying. The sound is truly of great quality. The bass can stand out just as well as the more subtle sounds. It’s a very nicely balanced pair of headphones that doesn’t seem to fail at anything. I could turn the volume up pretty high without feeling like the sound was losing quality. The headphones are also very lightweight, so they can be worn for a pretty long-time without any pain. The look of the headphones is also up to par and the base will fit well with any modern tv setup. I didn’t need to charge the headphones frequently, and I think they’re about the best in this category. I didn’t feel like I needed to plan my listening sessions too much.

What I didn’t like about Sony MDR-IF245RK

What I didn’t like about the Sony MDR-IF245RK might be the lack of extra features, but it’s hurting this model too much. Sony is a company I enjoy because of the quality, and not because of flashy design or other surprises. If you’re looking for a more trendy pair or one for gaming, you might look somewhere else, but for all other purposes, these will be great.

The best place to buy Sony MDR-IF245RK

The best place to buy Sony MDR-IF245RK is on the official Sony website at its original $79.99, or you can head at another online store like where you could get a discount. At the time of the writing, the price on the US Amazon website was very cheap.

In conclusion, the Sony MDR-IF245RK are what got me into tv watching with some headphones. Now, I even prefer to do so by default, especially when it comes to my favorite shows in which I don’t want to miss a thing. The clarity is what makes these headphones really worth buying. The number of features might not be so impressive and the package might not be flashy, but these headphones are comfortable and do the work incredibly well. Worth it? Absolutely. One of the best cordless headphones tv!

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