My Personal Experiences: Finding the Best Wireless TV Headphones

Are you ready for quality wireless TV headphones? Take this little quiz and find out if its time for you to get this Bluetooth device.

The Quiz

1. Does your home theater audio system blow out everyone else in your household?
2. Does your roommate, significant other or spouse have different tastes from you in favorite TV programs?
3. Does your TV soundbar deliver less than theater-quality music and conversation reproduction?
4. Are you a committed wireless fan, hating wired devices of all types?
5. Do you really want keep the “peace” at home, annoying no one with your TV program choices?

If you answer “yes” to three or more of these quiz questions, you’re probably ready for wireless headphones for TV watching–and listening. You will enjoy an added advantage: You’ll be a hero to everyone in your household, particularly if you watch sports 24/7, while your spouse prefers the Hallmark channel and your kids want Nickelodeon. Quality Bluetooth headphones are the epitome of cutting-edge technology. Fortunately, there are multiple choices of excellent quality headphones for your dining and dancing (and TV) pleasure. Although many observers maintain that Bluetooth sound quality still can’t compare to wired headphones, sacrificing a little fidelity for the clean look, feel and convenience offered by wireless devices is often an acceptable tradeoff. According to, these are some of the best Bluetooth headphones. Those in the “excellent” category include the following devices.

1. Harman Kardon BT have a funky square design instead of round ear pieces, but deliver great sound.These babies collect consistent “excellent” ratings.
2. Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 earbuds include a charging case, which, according to the magazine reviewer, is fortunate, since their only major weakness is a disappointing battery life.
3. Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones, which are lightweight, comfortable and deliver quality sound.

C-Net rates the following devices as “very good” and you will part with less money if you buy one of these wireless options.

1. Jabra Revo Wireless headphones come with some minor flaws in quality sound reproduction, they are very comfy and have a striking avant garde design.
2. LG HBS-700 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headsets are among the most comfortable headphones you can find, along with strong audio quality–and a price you’ll love.
3. MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Bluetooth Headphones come with quality sound and an attractive price.
4. Nokia Purity Pro by Monster devices offer noise canceling along with the convenience of Bluetooth wire-free sound.
5. Creative WP-350 Headsets are one of the most affordable Bluetooth headphone sets available that deliver good sound.

Reviews, Opinions and Considerations As you’re probably aware the “perfect product” does not exist, nor has it ever existed in human history. You could compare the perfect product to a unicorn. You know what you want it to look like, but you simply cannot find one. Quality Bluetooth headphones are fabulous, but not perfect. There are a few reasons why some people rate some sets, like the Bose AE 2w model, as excellent, but less than perfect.

1. Audiophiles demanding top quality sound from their HD TVs will notice the difference from their wired siblings. Connecting to MP3 or expensive stereo systems will not deliver the quality sound of wired versions.
2. As comfortable as the Bose and some other superior Bluetooth headsets are, you couldn’t wear them 24/7 even if you wanted to, as they’ll need recharging after their batteries become exhausted.
3. Some users continue to confuse “sturdy” with “heavy,” believing some of the top Bluetooth headphones, Bose included, with appearing somewhat flimsy. They’re not. They are lightweight, but sturdy.
4. Uninformed buyers sometimes complain about the Bose and other top Bluetooth headphones as failing the “noise-canceling” test. Yet, unless a headset, however expensive, specifically states it offers noise canceling features, it does not.

The Bottom Line

Do your research before you buy quality Bluetooth. Listen to a variety of models. Similar to art and wine, buy what you like, regardless of the features or cost. Determine which sound better to you. These are the Bluetooth headphones for you. If you stream movies or TV shows to your Windows laptop or tablet, be sure the wireless headphones have no compatibility issues, as some users have apparently reported with some models. Do not expect even top of the line Bluetooth headsets, like the Bose models, to deliver the full fidelity of their wired equal counterparts. Some of the best wireless headphones have partial noise cancellation properties and low sound leakage, but seldom at near full tower. Even the best headsets appear to work at maximum efficiency at around 50 percent power to keep you perfectly silent around your housemates.

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