Creative WP-350 Wireless Headphones Review: Is It Worth It?

I just bought a new TV less than a month ago and I am happy about it. I like to stream videos and music with it, but the only thing that kept me from being completely satisfied with it is my pair of Bluetooth headphones. They seemed to compress the audio, giving poor sound quality in return. This was when I decided it was time to get new headphones, so I could listen to music, just the way it was intended to sound like.

Like most people, I wanted to find something affordable. I checked out the list of the best wireless headphones under $50. It was difficult to choose because there are so many headphones now, but I finally picked one and it was Creative WP-350 Wireless Headphones. After almost seven days of using the on-ear Bluetooth headphones, I must say that I am pretty happy with it.

Comfort and Design

The headphones have a decent grip on my head, but they are very comfortable, which is one of their best traits. There are also easy to access buttons on the earpiece, which are useful. For instance, if I want to turn on your phone’s voice dialing feature, I simply have to use the headphones. For more convenience, there are controls to play, pause, forward, and get back to a track. There are also volume controls right under the four mentioned buttons.

Charging is easy with the mini-USB socket at the bottom of the earpiece. The headphones can be used continuously for about 8 hours. Additionally, I never have to worry about tangled wires.Creative WP-350 review

Sound Quality

To my surprise, the Creative WP-350 Wireless Headphones does not disappoint. There are some devices that give exceptional sound, while others are just satisfactory. If you like bass as I do, this is a good pair of headphones for you. A bonus is that there is no distortion even when the volume is at the loudest. Overall, listening to music or watching movies while using the headphones is a superb experience.

What I Didn’t Like

The wireless microphone is a good plus, but I was a little saddened by the sound quality. After using a sound checker to see whether or not the call quality would be agreeable using the Creative WP-350 Wireless Headphones, I found out that it did not match my expectations.

The headphones are padded so the wearer would not find them uncomfortable after an hour or so. However, my ears become steamy when I wear the headphones on a hot sunny day. Mix that with a spotty phone call quality and it can get frustrating.Creative WP-350

The Verdict

Although there are some minor problems with the Creative WP-350 Wireless Headphones particularly with the call sound quality, I cannot deny that they are efficient and practical. The price tag is also attractive especially for those looking for the best wireless TV headphones. When used with smartphones and tablets, these headphones work just the way they should. It is a Bluetooth wireless headphone that is definitely worth a try.
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