Choosing the Best Wireless TV Headphones (RS 220 vs. DS7500 vs. Parrot Zik )

Wireless headphones television are headphones that connect to a television or another device including smartphones, gaming consoles or computer without the need for a cable. Because they don’t use a cable connection, wireless headphones connect to the device by transmitting radio or IR (infrared) signals. Many of these headphones use Bluetooth technology for ease of use. Bluetooth technology is designed for use over small distances between with other Bluetooth products. Since headphones are generally paired with another electronic device such as a television, Bluetooth technology is ideal for this situation.

The use of wireless headphones is rising steadily due to the convenience of cordless technology. While these can be used for business, wireless headphones are especially popular for sports enthusiasts and gamers who enjoy the freedom of movement. If you are the kind of person who works out in front of the television or watches TV late at night while the rest of your family is sleeping, wireless headphones can give you the privacy you need without worrying about waking up the neighborhood.

Connecting to a TV

If you are connecting your headphones to a television, check the instructions that come with the TV. Make sure that the headphone batteries are fully charged and that the headphone base is near the TV. Then connect the audio cable into the audio jack on your TV and into the headphone base. At this point, you should be able to turn it on and hear your TV.

Desired Features

If you are considering shopping for new wireless headphones, there are several features that you should consider. Since wireless technology uses two ways to connect, RF and IR, which is better for your use? RF transmitters can broadcast up to 300 feet and can go around objects and through walls. The drawback is that they can also pick up interference. IR waves do not usually have interference issues; however they work at a shorter range, less than 30 feet, and need a clear line of sight to work properly.

If you are using them for home entertainment, the best headphones will have a Digital Theater Systems (DTS) and Dolby® decoders built into the device for surround sound effects. Since the human ear can hear frequency ranges from 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz, a wider range is not necessary.

Wireless TV headphones are great for listening to music or watching the TV while needing a quiet home for napping children or focusing on your own work in a noisy home. They are also helpful for those who have difficulty hearing the television in general.

Top Choices

Sennheiser RS 220

The Sennheiser RS 220  is a durable and lightweight set of wireless headphones that is similar to the Sennheiser 600 wired headphones. This is the top of the line in wireless from Sennheiser and is meant for the discerning audiophile.

These headphones are designed with an open-back, over-the-ear model which allows sound to be heard by people around you when you are using them. If you need total room silence such as in a library, this might be a concern. The transmitter can be connected to a television, AV receiver, Blu-Ray player, computer and mobile device. With its DSSS technology, it has a playing time of about six to eight hours and is charged by a single NiMH AAA batter in each ear-cup.

Maximum range is 300 feet in line of sight from the transmitter to the headphone, and 100 feet indoors. This works fine in most apartments or homes. It does not have Dolby TrueHD or DTS Master Audio processing. It works well for most movies, although it is not as good at lower volumes and might be an issue for those who are hearing impaired.

Sony MDR-DS7500

If you are looking for a great set of headphones for watching movies, the Sony MDR-DS7500 (latest price is one that you should consider. The headphones have HDMI inputs, supporting the newest sound formats, as well as optical and RCA jacks. With different sound modes, Cinema, Game, and Voice, these headphones offer a variety of multi-purpose usage. Gamers will appreciate the Game mode for listening to all of the sound effect such as explosions. While they do not have true surround sound, the Sony MDR-DS7500 headphones can use Dolby Pro Logic II to create a similar effect.

One of the drawbacks of this model is that they are hard to find in the United States, and usually need to be shipped from overseas. Another is that they operate on 2.4 Ghz which causes some interference and dropouts.

Parrot Zik

The Parrot Zik headphones (check the latest price) are definitely made for people who want the best of everything. They are extremely high-tech Bluetooth headphones and are a collaboration between Parrot and French designer Philippe Starck. These headphones have quite a few luxury features including active noise-cancellation, touch-sensitive controls, removable batteries, NFC capabilities and a smartphone application for Android and iPhone.

They are very stylish, with a flexible headband in leather, eye-catching ear pieces that swivel over 90 degrees and include a storage pouch. They include some touches that are Starck trademarks such as a subtle orange accent.

This unit has a pressure sensor which means that if you take the headphones on or off, it will start and stop the audio automatically. This is great for business or when you have children in the house. They run on a proprietary 3.7V, 800mAH lithium-ion battery which is included and is also sold individually. Using all of the features, the battery offers about five to six hours of listening time. The battery does need to be charged while inside the headphones similar to a smartphone. The noise-cancellation feature is turned on when you open the box, and is controlled from the smartphone app.

The Parrot Zik is very comfortable to wear, despite all of its features. The headphones are ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort and the ear pieces are cushioned to fit well on the ear.

These headphones come with numerous settings for sound quality including a seven-band equalizer with settings for Punchy, Club, Pop, Vocals, Cristal and Deep as well as a customizable setting. You can also add Concert Hall effects which offer four different choices–Concert Hall, Jazz Club, Living room and Silent Room to personalize audio to your taste.


The best way to choose the right wireless headphone for your usage is to decide which features are the most important for your applications, where you will be using them and what your budget is to spend. Once you have figured out these three factors, then you will be able to compare and contrast price, comfort, range and sound quality until you pick the right headphones.

It is obvious that a person who uses the wireless TV headphones inside their home or office for privacy or to maintain quiet will have differing needs than someone who will use them for travel by air or in their car. In a sporting or exercise situation, range of motion is crucial, and when watching a movie, surround sound may be the qualifying feature. Take your time to compare features, test some of the headphones out, and then choose the one that works best for you. Remember too, that comfort is very important if you are going to be using the headphones for long periods of time for work or extended travel.

One of the features that people don’t often think about is whether other people can hear the audio when you are wearing headphones. In my house, that is one of the most crucial factors since we have four people at times who are all listening to different things at the same time. That issue is also a factor if you are using them in a car or in the office where you need to to hear outside noises. Privacy may also be an issue depending on whether you are listening in a space with small children. Wise to buy wireless headphones!

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