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In this review, we’re going to take a look at one of the top wireless headphones model on Amazon. Indeed, Bluedio has cumulated countless positive reviews across its different models. This one stands as being the definite model for wireless listening. As wireless tv headphones, these Bluedio work great and will satisfy any demanding listener. The price is pretty high as well, so I’m sure that you will be looking to know if the investment is worth it or not. 

What is Bluedio R+ Legend Version?

my Bluedio R+ Legend Version BluetoothBluedio R+ Legend Version is a wireless headphones model that’s focuses on providing quality bass. They’re foldable and the ear cups can rotate around 360 degrees to fit the head perfectly. They are sold at under $300 or less. They come in three main colors: Legend Blue, Legend Titanium and Legend Silver.

Does Bluedio R+ Legend Version work?

Absolutely and despite the few reports that models have shipped defective, the satisfaction rate on this product has been really high. The wireless signal is transmitted through next technology Bluetooth 4.0 and is reputed to be one of the best around.

What I liked about Bluedio R+ Legend Version

I could go on a long time about what I liked about the Bluedio R+ Legend, but simply put, the sound is amazing. The bass is incredible and I was simply blown away by how good all my music and shows would sound once I put these on. It’s one of the best wireless tv headphones out there when it comes to bass. If you like to listen to your music or action movies with a lot of bass, looking elsewhere would be a mistake. I also liked how long the battery would last me, and I thought the style of the headphones in general was good.

What I didn’t like about Bluedio R+ Legend Version

Maybe the only thing that I didn’t like about the Bluedio R+ Legend Version is that once I found out that you could plug them in, I found the sound to be better than through Bluetooth and it was hard to go back.

Then, I was a bit disappointed by the build in general. It’s not that they feel cheap by any means, but I expect a little bit more when I pay such a high price. Let’s just say that I take good care of them and watch where I leave them because I’m not sure they would be able to take the big hits.Bluedio R+ Legend Version Bluetooth

The best place to buy Bluedio R+ Legend Version

The best place to buy Bluedio R+ Legend Version would probably be online, as you might want to get a rebate on these to feel extra-satisfied. I personally found that Amazon were doing special prices from time to time.

In conclusion, even at their default price, the Bluedio are hard to beat. If you can land a special sale like we’ve seen online, it’s almost unthinkable to refuse sound this great. Get these now at a great price while you can!

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