Wireless Earbuds TV – Go for the TV Ears… or Else?

When it comes to watching tv with headphones, some people simply prefer lighter options. Wireless earbuds for TV answer that need by providing a less bulky option in front of the television.

So as of 2014, who’s staying king in that category? Well, that would still be the TV Ears 2.3 wireless headphones. In fact, the company has gone on to release a new version of their much appreciated wireless earbuds tv product, the TV Ears 5.0. What’s great about them is how they help people that are hard of hearing and also the volume control that’s right within reach under your chin. The uncomplicated and effective concept of the TV Ears make it a great option. Even the fact that it doesn’t have an overhead bar attracts people who don’t want to mess up their hair when they sit down to watch their favorite late-night show.

Not pleased with the look or concept of the TV Ears 5.0? Want to go for some more regular-looking earbuds? Well, if that’s the case the TV Ears have plenty of competition right now. If we look at an higher price range, the Jaybirds Bluebuds X are also pretty interesting even though they’re more being sold as a way to stay on the move. The Yamaha Eph-100sl also bring in a ton of features, more especially bass, if that’s what you’re looking for in earbuds. Just like the TV Ears 5.0, the design of both these models is something very minimal to wear around your neck.

Still though, the TV Ears remain the one ear buds product that was specifically created for TV listening and there are less chances that things will go wrong with it as far as connections and signals are concerned. For beginners, the TV Ears also come with a well-explained manual for you to use the product in no time no matter what your experience is.