Top Reviewed Wireless TV Headphones on Amazon – April 2014

Sometimes, it’s worth it to not only take a look at the latest technology big companies are coming up with, but also what customers are simply appreciating.

Amazon is the perfect website to gage that sentiment and here’s our top reviewed wireless tv headphones on Amazon for April 2014.

V-MODA is a company that most people don’t know about, but that definitely delivers when it comes to customer satisfaction. With an average of 4 and a half stars over 1953 customer reviews, people are reporting the Crossfade LP Over-Ear model to have absolutely amazing performance over all kinds of music and sounds, and are also praised for their style and packaging. They’re currently on sale (check the latest price ) with Free Shipping. For the money, customers seem to really be bragging over this deal.(check the our review

Sennheiser is also being backed up by strong reviews on Amazon for just about any model in their RS line. The RS 170 model is doing especially as it racked up 683 reviews for an average rate of 4 and a half stars. Finally, another interesting company is to be noted in Bluedio. Across many price ranges, the company seems to be delivering reliable products with great performance. The R+ Legend Verson model is achieving near perfect feedback so far with four and a half stars over 94 reviews. All the data here was taken from Amazon’s US website.




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