The Most Versatile Wireless TV Headphones

You’re in your living room, comfortably sitting in your couch, wireless tv headphones on, and naturally, you’re not expecting to get up for at least the next hour or so. But just then, that’s when you remember that you need to make a phone call on Skype, watch a movie trailer on the web or check your e-mails which contain some audio files. Are your current wireless tv headphones able to do that? Can they easily connect to your other devices, like your tablet or your smartphone? Do they have a microphone? With the latest offerings in wireless tv headphones, it can be hard to choose, but here’s a little word on what’s good to buy right now.

Bose came up with the AE2w Bluetooth headphones, a model that possesses an additional module to the side of the ear cup which you can use for VoIP calls, on any device that can connect with it through Bluetooth basically. This little additional component can allow you more flexibility in the living room and help you avoid those annoying swaps of headphones, with different peripherals laying around for different purposes. Bose came out with this one main model so far for the wireless tv headphones market, and it’s definitely one that’s versatile. Any model that transfers its sound information through Bluetooth could also be considered as versatile since it can then connect with Android devices, although that doesn’t necessarily mean a microphone is included to do everything you want to do.