Great Wireless TV Headphones Themes for Women

A wireless TV headphones purchase isn’t only about price and performance, but also about style, and women are especially choosy in this area. So here’s a quick report on two hot models for women right now. If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest option in terms of wireless tv headphones for women, you’re going to be happy, because there’s a very affordable pair that’s doing wonders for plenty of female customers right now.

The XO Vision 630P Universal IR Wireless Foldable Headphones have been reported as trustworthy by plenty of women despite the minimal $21.99 price asked. They come in a nice grey, black and pink theme that make them look girly, but not too much. They’re compatible with IR transmitters, present some good cushioning despite their small size, and can fold themselves if you ever need to take them out of your home. If you want a model women are falling in love with for a little price, these are probably the ones!

If you want another option, take a look at the Legend Blue color of the Bluedio R+ Legend wireless tv headphones. It’s a nice light blue theme that will definitely turn heads if you can pull it off, or you can just wear them with style in the living room. They’re more expensive in the $200 range, but they naturally deliver much deeper and richer sound.

Of course, the Dre Beats have to still be one of the hottest models right now. The Purple theme of the Beats Studio headphones version is probably the most popular for women and presents a nice contrast from the standard colors themes. If you’re looking to be even bolder, there’s a lime green version that will definitely make you stand out even more for no additional cost. These Beats Solo HD don’t perform badly by any means with some deep bass and even a built-in microphone for calls.