Competition Heats Up In The Hip-Hop Wireless TV Headphones Market

Probably gone are the days when the Dre Beats were the sole contender in the hip-hop headphones market. Competition is actually coming quite near the Dr. Dre camp with 50 Cent’s very own line called “Sync by 50”.

Hip-hop heads looking to buy some wireless tv headphones should definitely consider the wireless versions of this line. There’s an over-the-ear version and an on-ear version, so whatever matches your comfort preference will be available. The price is pretty similar to the Beats and represents a pretty important investment – around $250 for both of the models. Their look is definitely what makes them stand out from the crowd, with a more mean and bold look than the Beats. They’ve been showcased several times at the CES conventions and are now ready to hit the mainstream with plenty of positive reviews under their belt. Naturally, best-selling rapper 50 Cent has made a contribution to these models both in terms of looks and performance.

Whether you want to listen to a program or work in the studio, these headphones can sync up to 4 users listening to the same music source, which is definitely interesting. Is the Beats’ reign coming to an end? Let’s wait and see!