Best Wireless TV headphones: Sony or Sennheiser?

The question certainly poses itself when it comes to wireless tv headphones.

That’s because these are arguably the two best companies for these types of headphones. Which of these two brands have been earning the best reputation of the past few years?

Sennheiser, on one hand, has been making the dreams of audiophiles come true for many years now. Outside the wireless tv headphones market, they’ve made their mark with headphones like the HD 555 and other models that even DJs can wear.

On the other hand, Sony has become the specialist in living room entertainment, with some dedicated stores with the simple purpose of showing off the best experiences to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Which company to choose? Well, according to recent trends, Sony would make a better choice for the TV experience. The Sony MDRRF985RKs are just about the best pick at the moment for any average user.

However, if you listen to plenty of music on your TV and just like to launch an app like Slacker and sit back to enjoy your favorite artists, Sennheisers should still be the way to go. Gamers have also historically enjoyed Sennheisers much more than Sony models. So, to this day, Sony still stays king in the living room, generally speaking.