Best TV Headphones – Logitech Discontinuing the Logitech UE 9000?

When some reviewers and experts hail a pair as the best tv headphones around, there’s little dispute in the verdict and it pretty much comes down to if you’re ready to pay the price asked or not. This is exactly the case of the Logitech UE 9000, which retails for $400. Amazon even lists them at the scary price above $700, only to discount them back to a more acceptable price. But the question is : is Logitech discontinuing this well-liked pair?

Indeed, at more than one location on the web, people have heard or mentioned that this extraordinary pair of headphones would maybe get discontinued. The reason? The model simply isn’t anywhere to be found for purchase on Logitech’s website. Stores still seem to have it in-stock in decent quantities. For example, Amazon isn’t listing the product as discontinued, and they’re usually pretty up-to-date with the latest developments in that regard (the Street By 50 Cent headphones being a good example).

In any case, consider this pair and get your hands on it while you still can because there has been good products discontinued in the past as well. Companies like Logitech have to keep changing their lines with new looks and features to attract customers review. But if the UE 9000 does see itself discontinued, there are still chances that we would see a similar product come back in a few years or right after. It was very appreciated for its good noise canceling, impressive sound quality over Bluetooth, and the option to use them wired as well. This surprised a few people because Logitech isn’t usually the company to put out the best tv headphones in that price range, but the UE 9000 truly impressed reviewers.

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