Setting Up Wireless TV Headphones

A question we get a lot at HiFi Headphones is how to setup a wireless headphone with a TV. It’s quite simple really. But before we go ahead to explain it, there are a few things you need to take note of prior to purchasing wireless TV headphones.

Firstly, you need to check the type of audio outputs your TV has – digital or analogue. It will determine which wireless headphones are compatible with your device and if any additional parts are required.

Now that’s out of the way, with your wireless headphone (and additional parts, if any) at hand, follow this simple guide to start hooking it up to your TV.

TVs with Analogue Audio Output

Analogue audio outputs are the most common though not always the best. They are two circular sockets (one red, one white) generally located at the back of the TV and are referred to as the RCA output. Using the RCA output to connect your wireless headphone transmitter won’t interfere with the sound coming out from the TV’s built-in speakers. Most wireless headphones come readily with the RCA cables needed to connect to the RCA phono output.

Another way to connect wireless headphones to your analogue TV is via the headphone jack. Using this socket will cut off the sound that comes out of the built-in speakers, so essentially, only you and anyone else using wireless headphones are able to hear the sound from the TV. The majority of wireless headphones also come with a mini jack cable.

Check the packaging of your headphones to see if the necessary cables are included. You may need to buy your own RCA or mini jack cables if these are not provided together with the wireless headphones.

The wireless bluetooth headphones we recommend for analogue TVs are:

TVs with Digital Audio Output

Digital audio outputs are either optical or coaxial. Newer TVs will only have digital audio outputs. If you have bought an analogue wireless headphone for use with your digital TV, then it will still work. However, in order to make it compatible, you need a device called a DAC which is a digital to analogue converter.

The DAC sits between your TV and wireless headphone transmitter. The DAC connects to your TV via either optical or coaxial output and then connects to your transmitted via RCA cables.

There are also digital-ready wireless headphones which can take digital signal and convert it to analogue. They are equipped with their own built-in DAC so can be connected directly to your digital TV. The quality of sound with digital wireless headphones is much higher.

The wireless bluetooth headphones we recommend for digital TVs are:

With so many choices of wireless headphones for TV in the market today, you won’t really have to worry about problems setting them up with your TV – be it digital or analogue. There is always a way around it and there will always be a wireless headphone to suit your setup.