Are Expensive Wireless Headphones Worth it?

When it comes to headphones, I’ve always been someone to just use the headphones that come with my mobile device. These are simple in-ear headphones that are probably pretty cheap, but it is small,l easy to use and I can’ carry them around in my pocket (although I spend the next five minutes untangling the headphones every time I pull it out). Whenever I would go to an electronics store and see all of the expensive headphones, I would just laugh and walk by. Why on earth would someone pay so much for these headphones when every single device comes with its own standard set. However, I found myself, at one point in time, needing a set of wireless, Bluetooth headphones in order to watch television while I took care of my new born babies without waking them up. The cheap headphones that come with the mobile devices only provide a few feet of cord, and frankly I needed something I could walk around with. Because of that, I decided I had to look out and find the best wireless headphones for TV. That started my online search.

As I started to look for all of these different headphones that came with Bluetooth, I found the vast majority were either on-ear or over-ear headphones. These, simply based on the size of the headphones, are more expensive than the smaller in-ear headphones. I figured that would happen, and I wasn’t opposed to spend more money on the larger headphones, because I’ve fallen asleep with my other ones before, and anyone who has every fallen asleep right on their in-ear headphones knows it really isn’t that comfortable. So, I decided to go with the larger option in this case. After I decided on these headphones, I turned to the reviews customers left on these larger options.

While reading the reviews, I typically found the more expensive headphones had the better reviews. Now, this wasn’t to say that non of the inexpensive headphones didn’t have desirable reviews, but most of them had a preface stating “for the price, it is good.” I didn’t really like the sound of that. I mean, I could buy a 50 cent pair of headphones from one of those gum ball toy dispensers I see in the exits of my local grocery store and say “for the money, it is good.” I decided I wanted something that actually provided desirable sound, regardless for the price.

I found a pair of headphones that had all exceptional reviews, and the only downside people would point out happened to be spending more on these than other options. When i received the headphones in the mail I was more than surprised. From the moment I put the headphones on I knew these were different and far better than any other headphones I had worn before. The earpiece proved incredibly comfortable and it fit right to my ear, so sound wouldn’t escape. Also, the quality of the audio was even better than my actual in-home sound system. Sometimes I actually prefer to watch television with the headphones than anything else. Because of that, yes, expensive wireless headphones are well worth the price of admission.