General Guide

Technology is advancing at an astronomical rate, and our culture is flooded with gadgets and gizmos. One device that really stands out from the crowd is a wireless headphone that connects to television. This device, unlike some new inventions, is not difficult to use, fairly self-explanatory and ideal for almost anyone.

The headphones are versatile, and can be applied to various situations. If your partner is sleeping and you want to watch tv, plug in the headphones. If you are hearing impaired, they will boost the sound so you can hear your program without deafening everyone around you. If you are in a public setting, they allow you privacy and minimize distraction so you can concentrate. A good point to make here is that wired headphones are readily available, and have been around for a while, but the latest wireless technology makes the old product obsolete. Wearing the wireless TV headphones keep you from being tethered 2 feet in front of your television. You have the freedom to move around the room as you desire.

One of the best features of these headphones is how easy they are to install. They come with a transmitter that you plug up to your TV. The transmitter connects either to the headphone jack, the digital audio port, or the RCA output port. Where it connects depends on the type of TV you have and the type of headphones you get. Make sure to look at your television before you buy to ensure you purchase a set that is compatible with your equipment.

Wireless Tv headphones transmitter box

You will need to have a place to put the actual transmitter box somewhere around your tv. Most people put it either on the tv or on the stand beside the tv. If your transmitter uses an infrared signal, make sure there is a clear line-of-sight between your head and the transmitter.

Some older model televisions will only have an analog audio output, but don’t get downhearted-you can still use these awesome headphones. You simply need to buy a DAC, or Digital to Analog converter. This will interpret your TV’s analog output in a digital format so the headphones can receive it.

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