Microsoft’s Addition to the Headset Industry

For previous Xbox gamers who have used premium wireless headsets for TV are now out of luck on the Xbox One. Microsoft decided to develop proprietary technology for the latest gaming system that makes headsets that worked with Xbox One obsolete. Luckily, there is an adapter for all third-party headsets that was recently released. Microsoft also decided to release its own compatible headset that is less expensive than the competition but maintains high quality.

After extreme scrutiny and analysis, the Xbox surprisingly, of the numerous wireless headsets for TV, this product has turned out to be excellent. Although it is not top-of-the-line with regards to sound quality, the overall aesthetics and experience make it a worthwhile purchase. Also, the in-game audio blows similarly-priced headsets out of the water.

Since this is a first-party headset released directly from Microsoft, the potential for improvement through firmware is a strong possibility. Therefore, if you are looking for a moderately-priced headset that offers good quality, the Microsoft Xbox One headset should be your first choice.